Get de-refered!

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Do you want to create one special link using our dereferer? Just type in your link, and get a derefer'ed version of it!

Use for your website

If you frequently need a dereferer, feel free to integrate the service into your web site - here are some code examples for common environments:

PHP example

function derefer($strUrl)
  return "".urlencode($strUrl);

<a href="<?= derefer("") ?>">Link</a>

ASP example

function derefer(strUrl)
  derefer = "" & server.urlencode(strUrl)
end function

<a href="<%= derefer("") %>">Link</a>

JavaScript example

<script >
function derefer(strUrl)
  return ""+escape(strUrl);

<a href="" 
   return false;">Link</a>

Build your own

Want to build your own dereferer? It's not that hard - let me explain:

Basically, a dereferer is an ordinary, very simple HTML webpage. The core components of that page are:

  • a meta-refresh tag (often referred to as meta-redirect)
  • a javascript timeout
  • a short message including a classic html link to the target page

Because web clients have different configurations, you have to provide multiple ways for the visitor to proceed. All three components serve the same purpose - redirecting the user - but you should offer all of them for compatibility.

Typically, a dereferer page ist dynamically generated by any server-side scripting technology of your choice - PHP is quite common, but ASP, Perl, Python etc will do as well. Please take care of url-encoding issues depending on your server environment.

A brief example for a generated dereferer page

<title>you are being redirected</title>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2; URL=" />
window.setTimeout('window.location.href="";', 1000 * 2);

<p>you are being redirected to:<br />
  <a href=""></a></p>