About dereferer.org

What is the idea behind dereferer.org?

There is an obvious public demand for dereferer pages. There are quite some derefering solutions available, but as to date of the launch of dereferer.org, people needing a dereferer have to use either a free, branded one (with ads, wasting customer bandwith and annoying users, thus not suitable for a lot of people), or set up their own derefering page.

The aim of dereferer.org is to provide a slick, quality derefering service for free, without the disadvantages of existing "commercial" dereferer sites. No ads, interstitials or popups. The only branding visible to people using dereferer will be the dereferer logo, and a neutral text message ("you are being redirected to...")

Who runs dereferer.org?

For more information on the creators of dereferer.org, visit our corporate website:

Dereferer.org is run by Mrotzeck Network Services. We are a germany-based company specialised in networking and internet technologies. With dereferer.org, we try to contribute our part to the philosohpy of freedom of the internet - think of it as a way to say "thank you" to thousands of people working on open source software, free networks, communities and more each and every day.

What does it cost?

Dereferer.org is a free service. We do not charge web page admins for linking via dereferer.org, neither do we charge users for being redirected. It's as simple as that.

What about the traffic data / logs?

If derefering is all about privacy, you always should be concerned of what we do with your data. Being the mediator between the linking page and the target page of a derefering link, we are well-informed about the whole process. We know the URL's of both pages, plus your IP, and if you click multiple links using dereferer.org in a session, this would make up for an interesting profiling job. So the question is, what do we make of all the data?

The answer is as simple as it could be: Nothing. We are simply not interested in all this information. No IP logging, no profiles, no backtracking. No selling of any information.

The only thing we might be interested in is tracking anonymous client statistics, such as web browser information, plugin versions and things like that. We do not track those yet, but we keep this option open for future.