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We were reported abuse cases of our site's mail functionality. To be sure to cut this off, we disabled all mail related functionality on our website. does not send any e-mail
It seems there are currently people sending spam containing content links that use We are not the sender of those e-mails. Those are being sent from malicious people anonymously, and we have no influence on this.
To prevent any abusive use of our site even in case of a hack, we disabled email functionality on this site until further notice.

We can not remove your email address.
We are not able to remove your address from any list, because we simply do not know it. does not store email addresses. Presumably your address has been listed on a greater email pool being traded in malicious markets - we are not affiliated with any of these.

Who is sending me spam?
You think you are receiving spam from, because emails contain links with in the url. Actually, is just a forwarding service for web urls to protect privacy, and may be used by anyone and in eny context. We do not have any influence on how and where people link to our service.
To find out who is actually spamming you, please refer to the spam email's headers.

Where can I address my complaints? is neither the sender of your spam mail, nor able to influence this. Probably, you find information about the actual sender in the spam mail's header.